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In a few sentences, tell us who you are, where you’re from, how you connected to Loving Lives, and how you plan to bring Loving Lives into your life!

12 thoughts on “Sharing Board

  1. Anonymous

    It’s really great to have teachers who care more about just our academic growth, and I wish more classrooms would have these conversations.

  2. Anonymous

    These topics are so important in our world today, and I am beyond thrilled that we are starting to have courageous conversations about these issues.

  3. Anonymous

    I am a junior at Padua Academy and I have been a student of Mr. Shelton for 2 years now. After receiving the talk and trying to live a loving life, I have seen a huge difference in how I look at my personal and academic life. Talking with Mr. Shelton in class about loving lives and his leadership as a teacher has been the main factor in the change of how I see my life.

  4. Anonymous

    During our conversations in class I feel like I am able to share my perspectives and am able to be heard and not judged. I have changed many of my views on the world to make myself personally happy and not just everyone else happy

  5. Anonymous

    After talking about living loving lives with my class and Mr.Shelton I have a different view on my life goals now. Instead of making a lot of money I now want to do what truly makes me happy. This talk has changed my perspective of my goals and I am very grateful for that.

  6. Anonymous

    After experiencing Mr. Sheltons “live a loving life” talk I have seen a change in the way I think about my academic achievements. My life has become less stressful and my grades have improved. Being able to engage in an open dialog about problems we are facing as students is extremely beneficial and has lead to changes in my life.

  7. Anonymous

    Living loving lives has changed my outlook on certain stressors in my life. By Mr. Shelton’s talks, it has taught me to look at the positive things in life and to remind myself that I am trying my hardest and that is all that matters. He encourages us to reach for our goals and he tells us that whatever our goals are, we should be happy and content with our life.

  8. Anonymous

    Mr. Shelton’s class has been so important to me this year. I’ve never had a teacher who cares about our mental health so much!

  9. Anonymous

    learning about how to live loving lives has changed my perspective of the world. It has also helped me become less stressed.

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